Motor home

Traveling to Norway?

If you are traveling in Norway in your motor home, we have the perfect parking for you, located in the middle of the Lyngen Alps. You will get panoramic view of the alps while you are parked at our camp.

Skiing from your door

Exiting your motor home, you can look right up at the mountain before you start your amazing journey to the top, 1200 meters above sea level

Hiking in the mountains

You can explore a enormous area by foot where you will experience the Lyngen Alps. The hike to the famous Blåisvatnet is only 20 km away

Central but remote

If you are exploring Northern Norway but need city life, Tromsø is less than 100 km away where you can get all the supplies you need to continue your journey.

Experience Lyngen Alps

While staying at the camp, you will have unlimited access to mountains, sea and wildlife experiences. The instafamous #blåisvannet is just a short hike away

Contact us

Lets us know if you have any questions regarding the camp or Lyngen in general